A Day Around St. James's, Mayfair & Soho

These three neighboring areas of London have so much to offer – incredible and historic shopping, delicious restaurants, a fun nightlife, and so much to see and explore. My list below might include some spots just outside these areas, but all close enough to accomplish in a day. Make sure to bring a small fortune along... the day will be much more fun ;)

John Lobb Bootmaker: on St. James's street, this family run shop has been hand making bespoke boots since 1866. In 1863, John Lobb apparently sent a pair of boots to the Prince of Wales who was so impressed by the quality of the workmanship that he appointed him his personal supplier. He then opened his London shop in 1866 and it's still there today, supplying bespoke hand made shoes to people all over the world. They hold two Royal Warrants to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. It's a classic and a must-see!

Shop along Old Bond/ New Bond Street: Tod's, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Cartier, Rolex, Van Cleef, Ferragamo... need I say more?

Fortnum & Mason for afternoon tea and shopping for all things tea related. 

Ralph's Coffee & Bar: this RL cafe just opened up in London and is a great stop for breakfast and tea, lunch and champagne, or cocktails and a little bite before dinner. 

James Smith & Sons: the most enchanting shop chuck full of classic umbrellas and walking sticks that has been in London since 1830. This is one of my favorite places I've gone while in London and you really must stop in. The umbrellas are made in their shop below the storefront, which is largely unaltered since they opened. I left with a black watch tartan that I'm excited to keep for years to come! (Side note: It rains, like, every day in London. But it doesn't ever really rain to the point where you need an umbrella. That's beside the point though, you should still go buy yourself a classic umbrella from this shop!)

Rosewood London: a really, really beautiful hotel that you should consider staying at! But, even if you don't stay over night, you will definitely need to stop into their Scarfes Bar. It's gentleman's club-esque, complete with a fireplace, cozy armchairs, live music, beautiful woodwork, and even better cocktails. We went there for a few drinks and snacks before dinner at...

The Barbary: a cozy spot in the popular Neil's yard in Covent Garden for an absolutely delicious Berber-style meal. We waited almost 2 hours, and you will too unless you show up at 5. But, I promise it's worth it, especially considering you can wait inside the lively little spot with a drink in hand. 

Mount Street Printers: this one might just be for this paper romantic over here. But, if fine stationery is also your thing, it's worth stopping into this classic printery. They also have a Royal Warrant and have been printing on beautiful Mount Street for over 35 years. They mostly do bespoke orders, but also have some cards and stationery on the shelves that you can take with you. 

The Connaught: I've already mentioned this one a couple posts back, but since it's also on Mount Street right down from the Printery, and because it's a must-stop, I thought I'd list it again. Head here to lounge in an ultra-stylish bar and sip on your custom made martini.